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The benefits of studying online

With Covid-19 limiting the movements of people across the globe, we have turned to online technologies to support us in areas of our daily lives that we may not have considered before. We have offered online courses for years but in the current climate we are seeing more people considering this pathway than ever before. All our online legal courses carry exactly the same qualification as the on campus counterparts, meaning that all our online undergraduate law courses are Qualifying Law Degrees and all our online postgraduate business courses are CMI accredited. However, the benefits don’t stop there; let’s take a look at the ways online learning can help you work towards achieving your professional ambitions.

Learn anytime, anyplace, anywhere

Online learning today affords you the same opportunities to reach your personal, academic, and professional aspirations as on-campus education. However, studying online means you can study the academic programme of your choice without having to travel to an unfamiliar city, move into halls of residence, or radically adjust your lifestyle.

The self-paced nature of online learning enables you to control the tempo of your learning by accessing materials and studying from wherever you are and when you have time in your schedule; that’s a major draw for online learning students. The University of Law Business School student John Wilcox found that he could study alongside his work for the United Nations, which involved a lot of international travel. He told us, “When travelling for work I have the evenings free, so I usually study in the hotel. You need to devote a few hours a day to your studies, as well as a few hours at the weekend. Ultimately, you’ve got to make the necessary time commitments in order to succeed.”

Balancing commitments

One of the most celebrated benefits of learning online is its flexibility. The immediacy of modern life means that people increasingly have greater demands placed upon them, be it through their family and social life, or through their employment. Thankfully, online learning gives us the opportunity to study around these existing responsibilities.

Having access to course materials at any time of day means you can shape your schedule around your existing commitments, and studying alongside work means continuing to earn money and gain experience, with the added opportunity to apply the knowledge you’ll learn directly to your job. This is particularly true for working professionals, as our student Haifa Alaskandrani found, telling us that, “studying online is the best way to earn a higher degree for working professionals who don’t have much time”.

Online courses look great on your CV

No matter how good your CV looks now, an online degree will enhance it. Employers recognise the attributes required to complete an online course: Self-motivation, excellent time-management, and genuine commitment to personal and professional development are just some of the qualities that employers will attach to you when they see that your degree was earned online.

Online learning also indicates that you are tech-savvy. Modern businesses are built on computing technologies, and showing your degree was conducted on the latest innovative tech platforms is a great way to demonstrate progressive thinking, as well as that you have the crucial IT competencies so important in the modern working environment.

Pay less and receive the latest learning materials

The format of online learning materials means that the latest thinking and practices can be implemented into the syllabus without having to overhaul the whole programme, meaning that you will be studying an up-to-date course at all times. With technologies evolving so rapidly, the modern business professional needs to stay abreast of the most important changes happening in business. Online learning degrees are updated to reflect changes, meaning students will always be on top of the latest ideas and innovations making waves in business.

With fewer overheads and physical costs than on-campus programmes, online learning degrees can often offer students lower fees – making them a cost-effective way to upskill and get ahead in your professional life.


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