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LLM Master of Laws

Our academic Master of Laws (LLMs) are aimed at law and non-law graduates who want to explore the practical application of a particular, specialist area of law. We also offer a Master of Arts in Law (MA Law) and Master of Sciences (MSc) in Legal Technology.

All of our LLM courses offer modules in Legal Technology, allowing you to gain an insight into this emerging area of law.

We’re committed to teaching the law in context so that you understand the importance of legal rules as they are applied in the real world.

Available at a number of campuses and online, you can transfer between courses and study modes (subject to cut-off dates and programme compliance).

Master of Laws (LLM)

Although Master’s degrees are not required to get a training contract or pupillage, they are increasingly important if you want to pursue a career overseas, in academia or want to specialise in a particular area in law.

Find out more about each of our LLMs by selecting from the drop downs below.

Our LLMs in Banking and Finance cover areas such as the regulation of banks and insurance, and major regulatory and transactional issues in international financial and banking law. Suitable for aspiring Accountants, Financial Consultants, Insurance Underwriters, Investment Managers, Financial Advisers, Brokers, Financial Planners and more.

LLM Banking and Debt Finance

LLM Banking and Debt Finance Online

LLM International Finance Law 

LLM International Finance Law Online 

LLM Insurance Law 

LLM Insurance Law Online 

Our Corporate LLMs explore the impact that rules, policies and controls can have on corporations including company secretaries, directors and shareholders. You will develop understanding of areas such as formation and incorporation, shares and insolvency, the impact of the global financial crisis, international sales law and more. Suitable for aspiring Solicitors, Lawyers, Paralegals, Legal Secretaries or those seeking a career in politics, business, international relations, leadership, management and more.

LLM Company Law

LLM Company Law Online

LLM Corporate Governance

LLM Corporate Governance Online

LM Corporate Governance GradCG

LLM Corporate Governance Online GradCG Online

LLM Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability

LLM Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability Online

LLM International Business Law

LLM International Business Law Online

LLM International Commercial Law 

LLM International Commercial Law Online

LLM International Corporate Governance

LLM International Corporate Governance Online

Our LLMs in Data and Technology examine the development of data protection and intellectual property law, and the issues surrounding compliance and regulation. Suitable for those seeking careers in Data Security, Cyber Security, Compliance, Insurance, Energy, Environment and more.

LLM Data Protection and Intellectual Property 

LLM Data Protection and Intellectual Property Online

LLM Compliance and Regulation 

LLM Compliance and Regulation Online 

Our LLMs in Leadership, HR and Employment are aimed at those who want to develop skills in areas of leadership and management, project management, coaching, mentoring and more. You’ll get the opportunity to explore employment legislation and common law principles, such as discrimination, as well as diplomacy and public relations. Suitable for those seeking careers in Public Relations, International Relations, Human Resources, Management, Legal Recruitment, Graduate Recruitment, Employment Litigation, Employer Management, Talent Acquisition and more.

Executive LLM

Executive LLM Online

LLM Employment Law 

LLM Employment Law Online

LLM Public International Law

LLM Public International Law Online

Our LLMs in Energy and Environment cover political and legal issues concerning environmental protection, foreign investment, energy trade, climate change policies, natural resources law, environmental ethics and environmental justice. Suitable for those seeking careers in Environmental Agencies, Politics, Engineering, Community and Charity Work, International Trade, Project Management, Clean Energy Investment, Energy Trade, and more.

LLM Environmental Law 

LLM Environmental Law Online 

LLM International Energy Law 

LLM International Energy Law Online 

Our LLMs in Human Rights cover areas such as the general principles of international human rights, the relationship between human rights law and humanitarian law, and the limitations and future of international and domestic human rights. Suitable for aspiring Human Rights Lawyers, Police Analysts, Political Affairs Officers, Charity Workers, Policy Makers, Analysts, Researchers, Barristers, Case Workers and more.

LLM International Human Rights

LLM International Human Rights Online

Our LLMs in Mediation and Arbitration cover areas from international arbitration law in context to mediation and negotiation scenario simulation. Suitable for aspiring Arbitrators, Mediators, Barristers, Solicitors, Civil Service Workers, Extrajudicial Legal Professionals and more.

LLM Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

LLM Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Online

LLM International Arbitration 

LLM International Arbitration Online

Our Medical LLMs cover areas such as medical negligence, refusal of treatment, requests for treatment, regulation of mental health care providers and the relationship between society and people who live with mental disabilities. Suitable for those seeking careers in Civil Service, Forensics, Medical Advice, Personal Injury Claims, Medical Negligence, Community Work, Witness Care, Health Law and more.

LLM Medical Law and Ethics

LLM Medical Law and Ethics Online

LLM Mental Health Law 

LLM Mental Health Law Online

Our Master of Laws programmes are designed for those who desire maximum flexibility in your choice of modules and dissertation topic. The programme design means that you can choose modules based on the criteria most important to you. Suitable for aspiring Paralegals, Legal Secretary, Legal Executive, Licensed Conveyancer, Barrister Clerk and more.

LLM Master of Laws (General)

LLM Master of Laws (General) Online

LLM Master of Law (International) 

LLM Master of Law (International) Online

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Funding your LLM

If you study one of our LLMs you could be eligible for a Student Loans Company Postgraduate Loan.

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Interested in a career in Business?
Take a look at our combined Master’s programmes:

MSc Human Resources with Employment Law

Our MSc in Human Resources with Employment Law enables professionals to specialise in the legal aspects of human resource management and employment. With modules focusing on Global Business Strategy and Strategic Human Resource Management, Employment Law, Mediation and Dispute Resolution, you’ll develop a broad comprehension of the most important concepts in people management in both a legal and global context.

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MSc Corporate Governance with Company Law

Our MSc in Corporate Governance with Company Law enables professionals to specialise in the legal aspect of business and management, focusing on the ethical and legal dilemmas surrounding business decision making. As organisations are increasingly held responsible for their business decisions, there is an ever-growing focus on ethical behaviours and corporate social responsibility (CSR). In this practically-focused Master’s programme, you will gain a broad understanding of the most important concepts in corporate governance and company law frameworks within a strategic and global context.

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